Thursday, 10 November 2011

am happy to announce the god gene

wow these days have been very busy for me with my science works in the business. since my last blogs here i have had very bad times but am also blessed by god to carry on my work

listen to me am not only a scientist am here by gods plans to hellp with all the medicines. this year i did qualfy as a dentist as the blog has been saying to many times so am really a dentist with many qualifycations and fully legal to pratice as dentist

me am very happy with all these so i send out 10'000 leaflits to get the business of helping people started very well. big demand wow! very many people came to me to ask me they say wow dr bulawayo these sound like a good plan to me. ok i say let me look at this teeth am going to help you with gods blessings. this to you will be free do not worry. these leaflit is below

so this charity that i have been doing to giv the poor people free dentist has backfires on me with very big consqence because now i have spent three months in the jail!!!

Me i was doing dentist works with a boy who nigerian mother in london came to me because she was down without the monies to be paying the english dentists she has lost all hope her boy is in very big pain. ok i say to her i will give a free dentist treatments to these boy. you will make a western union arrangement just for insurance. if no problems with these boy the western union arrangement is nil and voids very quickly. money back at at all times if the boy is healthy the western union payment is insurance only that i have to do for law by the english society of dentists profesional. me i know the chairman of teh society personally i will give you a cheap western union of £150 insurance, money back in two weeks. i make no profit

the boy came to me with a very big problem of a tooth ache. i have acted within the laws explained to me when i took my degree at the university of dentists. i have used a drill and saw to take out all teeth to stop the probelms being to big. i have take away all teeth and given these boy a percription of 15 parecetemols to take immediatly at once. wow he cried but i say to him be a man now these teeth are gone no more problems.

you would not believe the next day these boys mother has come to the internet cafe where am working with the british police to tell me the boy has gone to teh hospital with poisinings and am under the arrest for the injuries. wow i could not believe! was so angry i have said to these woman in our own language... you know us nigerians have very strong charms that can destory someone in the twinkcle of the eye. she was fearing but me i was carried off by the police

in the jail me i was feeling very bad for the boy who can have all the problems. let me tell you i wanted to kill myself am feeling so bad, so sad for these boy. the night i was going to kill myself you would not believe that thank god jesus visited me in my sleep. it was so peaceful that am blessed to have these things happen to me.

jesus he came to me and said this is sent to test you. you will not kill yourself because i have made you a scientist only not a dentist. you are really a scientist who will change many things but i made you do the bad dentist work so you can be shown teh path you will take in your sciences. no mopre dentist

the lord has then told me that my mission is to use my knwledge to bring his word to the people. he has told me that i was made a scientist because there will be a god gene in people that only a scientist can be discovering. he has said to me, david you are blessed please you will show the people my teaching

the very next day the prision has told me you are released. wow the curses i put on the mother have been working! that morning i have immeditley became pastor dr david bulawayo and i will be spreeading the lords word to all me with the god gene.

these is very lucky as being scientist i can do low cost dna tests to see if members of teh new church am launching have the god gene. i will be posting more informations about this matter but for let me tell you it will be under £50 and will see if you have the gene. if you do the test i will tell you whther you have the god gene and you join my church and 175% go to heaven.

may god bless you all with very many children

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Am very excited about my new business

hello good citizens

since my last blogs here a lot has happened in my life. three weeks ago my nephew barrister charles wilson has launched my new busines into the nigerian stock exchanges. lagos global sciences is now a business operting in britain and back home in nigeria

Am excited about it all but before that let me tell you am very angry. these blog here is to reasure the people who have received many emails from me. theese people they get an email about my medical cures and cancer cure ebooks for sale and go onto google and search my name to see what is dr david bulawayo. they want to trust me before they can enter western union arrangements

so am very angry that people have been coming to my blog to post messages saying my degree is a fraud and saying am some kind of guyman with no evidentials of this. this is bad time last week have sent out 100'000 emails to my yahoo databases. am so angry i could cry

to these customers who have seen these lies let me tell you am very genuine. some jokemen have said my degree graduation from teh univeristy of dentists is not a real one because my head is bigger than my chinese classmates. AH it is well know that the chinase have smaller heads than africans. this head has been made to look a lot bigger to because the photographer on the day was in a very great rush to get back home as his wife has disappeared. he had launched a search party and needed to be there before it was dark. this is why it was a rush to take all the graduates in a picture and he did not getthe right angles. ok these is the reasons

now that i have explained am now so excited for my new busines plans. the first prodict am launching is a secret anti ageing potion. please if you find this in google and want to buy it contact me for a special deal. not many of them are left to sell am sold out but will make more soon. as many as you need

now you can see the email have been sending to the yahoo databases if you click it to see. pls you will pass this picture on if you know people who buy many cosmectic products

Here is a bigger picture of my handsome mother

i will post again soon as have been to the recent royal wedding. am a big admirer of the royal family. so great a day i have been having that day

may god bless you with many children
dr david bulawayo

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Dentist qualfycation an new science business

Hello good citizens!!

Am very pleaseed to update these blog and tell the people what am up to. life very busy for me the last months. like i have been saying to a lot of people a good dOctor and scientist has a very good knowlege about very many areas of the fields. am a very effective scientist an qualified docotor but the room for more knowlege is always possible to make bigger.

These is why that in december, three months ago i joined a very good dentist university in london. the queen elizabeths univeristy of dentists was very tough to qualify for but i did it with the help of god. god has blessed me and i startyed my studies as a dentist 3 months ago. now am pleased to bring news of my qualification as a dentist ahead of all schedules. last week i was graduated an qualifyed with very many merits from the teachers. they have said to me am a great dentist an nw ready to be a good dentist. am currently waiting for the university to send me my graduate cerificates which am going to get on my computers an print off and start a new dentist business in london here in england

very many people say to me. why should i buy your e books in cancer cures or medical products i sell. they say how do i know that you dr david bulawayo is a qualfyed doctor to offer these advice to me. to these people i say look am graduated definatly god has blessed me to cure your sickness. these is my answer to these mugu who ask the crazy guy questions abiut my gradutions but it makes me very sad i have to prove. to stop theese matters am showing you my recent gradution from the university of dentists. these is a very real picture that show am qualifyed to provide a lot of advice of health, cancers and now matters of the teeth


my graduate day was very speciel. my wife attended as did my 113 years of age mother. she has flown to me from nigeria. she is well known to be the oldest woman in nigeria. these is down to a secret medicine i have been given to her since she was a 75. these medicine before now was not availble to buy. maybe soon it will as my nephew barrister charles wilson has informed me he wants to work with me on these ideas of my medicines and we will be floating our new business on the nigerian stock market. these is big an excitble news for me. i will post very much more information when the company will float on the lagos stock exchanges in two weeks time. charles ins handling the company floats. am here in london handling all western union aspects of the business.

may god bless you all with many children
dr david bulawayo

Thursday, 16 September 2010

My favourite nigerian song. i go chop your dollar

These blogs are not only about serious projects and matters of science. am also a fun loving scientist.

when in my spare time i like to go pinting with friends and listen to music. my favourite song is by Uzodinma Okpech. i like it because he is a proud nigerian man who is firmly in teh hands of god. he realeases with this song the nigerian people often terroized and accused of fraud are honest businessmen fighjting against poverty.

enjoy these song i present for your enjoyment. i will be posting serious blogging soon with news of my court case in london and news of my qualification as a dentist

Friday, 4 June 2010

Open letter my African brother Obama


Brother Obama am very proud of you to become president of America. Ypu very much made all Africans proud am happy to call you a friend if we will meet one day in the coming years. Am Nigerian you are Kenyan but am happy to call you brother.

MY name is Doctor David Bulawayo most eminent Nigerian scientist. These times I have seen many news of the oil spillages that has very much been happening in your country. In Nigeria we have very many American oil companies causing the oil spills but the people ar ehaoppy. We like to be friends with your great country and the people do not mind these incident. These people are swap peoples from the countryside and am haoppy to inform you that they are now usedto the oil so everyone very much happy and we welcome American oil companies regardless of safety records. Nigeria now has proud record for most oil spills in the world but even prouder record for being most scientific advanced nation to deal with these oil problems

Nigerian government has for many years employed me to develop scientific cure to oil spills. Mr Obama, brother and fellow African I would like you to employ me to cure the oil spillagaes that are happening for you.

I have anaylsed the problems being faced by your country and BP oil company. You are right to blame the british for being to blame my brother. Please you will understand that like your grandfather I have always been tortured by the British. I have been arrested and charged for offences only for going about my normal business. Collecting western union arrangements is not a crime but they treat me like criminal. They have taken my shoes and flown me to Scotland many times to torture and interograte me. Please am like you so very much suitable to be employed by you.

Yes i have ver much anaylysed the situation. What i see first is that the first rule of science is to understand the place you are dealing withg. I see pictures on the news of the underwater oil problems and the british have sent robots down there to do teh job. Wow this is nonsense. A robiot does not feel at home in the water we need to use something that feels at home in the water. You cannot send a robot to a fishs job is what am always saying

The answer is obvious to a man like me with many years experience of oil operations. We will send a team of trained dolphins down into the ocean to close the leak. I have sourced and trained the team and this will be included in my fee if you will employ me. The dolphins can work in the water much better than robots. They will swim down to the oil pipes and close them using a new scientific compound that i have invented. 2300 times stronger than steel. I am storing the dolphins now in London and am electrocutein them every morning to keep themn focuced on ready fpr work.

Please for $250’000 am happy to cure the oil spillage. Western union will not allow you to send 250’00o so will come to America to collect any monies if you employ me. Fee inclues dolphin team and new compound 2300 times stronger than steel that i have invented.

god is blessing you and your family

Scientist Bulawayo

Sunday, 4 April 2010

A cure for flu

For all human disease very many times GOD has created the disease to test us but he also create the cure to find. GOD has blessed us so we need to accept that very much. Many scientist cure the deisease with drugs am not happy with this because cure is already arrives in the world with animals and maybe plants. I document these finding in book of science.

Cats are very happy to help scientist cure disease. Cat can be used to cure anything from flu and commen cold and tubescolosis.

My bloggs here is to explain why the white mans science is very wrong sometime and people from Africa can also kill disease but they do not listen to me because am Nigerian.

I have read books of medicine that informs me that many billions of dollars spent on cure for flu every day but no cure has been working. Americans and all whites in Europe spend these billions and still sneeze very much with flu diseases. Whites are very much unhealthy they will be depend on drugs like lempsimps. They do not realise that Nigerians cured flu very many years ago by asking GOD to send cure natutally. Wow GOD has listened and sent the cat to us in Nigeria.


The cure for flu was invented by me Dr David Bulawayo most eminent Nigerian scientist in 1984. I am discovered teh basis for flu cure is developing very much from a cat and with GODS blessings.

To give a scientific ezplantion i will tell my readers that my daughter had flu last year. She caught the disease from a white man on a train when he was sneeze on her. Because i cure flu very many years ago Nigerian does not ever get flu so she open for flu and became very sick. I show pictures of the process for your benefit in this matter

this is picture is two boiled cat which i use to cure my daughters flu symptons.teh cats were ginger cat and brothers. i found cats to use from the RSPCA which stand for royal society for protection of cats and animals. this which is my favourit charity please donate to them if u can spare money to them. am happy to manage your donatetion to them please you will email me to doate to them. just think of all the animals you can save from the cruelty that they have to see. GOD teaches us to care for all animals i adviside to emauil me to donate if you are unsure of how to help the charity. am happy to help you make teh donation using western uinion arranegments. this charity am happy to recomend you can can trust because it is royal society run by the queen so very safe to donate money without risk of fraud

now we will talk about flu cure. the idea for this cure came to me in 1984 when i read a book explaing that cats cannot get human flu. this made me think that something in a cat must be against flu. i need to get this thing and transfer into a human to cure flu.

process was simple then and now. cat is to be placed into boiling water. please do not be alarm by shrikes and sounds from cat. it will drown within few minutes and you have silence to complete boiling.

please boil for 1 hour. remove cat from bowl and remove fur using strong unskin cat back into boiled water. add vitamic c tablet and few paracetmols then please boil for 45 minuts (ALSO ADD SECRET INGREDIENT REVEL IN CURE FOR FLU EBOOK FOR WHICH I SELL IT TO YOU).

Remove cat and place in tin foil. carve open cat and serve to family member with flu. they eat. flu gone within two weeks.


Monday, 4 January 2010

Great to be here

Hello thank you for reading Scientist Bulawayo blog. As I say in welcome note I am famous Nigerian Scientist and social experimenter.

I went to live in great glorious England in 1980 to study science at University of England. I achieve first class degree of science in 1984 and use this qualification to secure job of top science adviser to Nigerian government. See my degree certificate below. This is product of years of hard work and science achievement.

Image Hosted by

I have conduced many famous experiments in Nigeria and will document some of them on my blog in future. For example I am famous to discover rare mosquito venom which only appear in mutant mosquito from Chad. I experiment on dead orphan killed by the chad mosquito and discover what this venom is. I quickly develop vaccine from infected stomach bile of dead boy. I have to cut out and boil stomach myself and not pleasant for me but it save many 1000s of others. Nigerian science community very proud when I discover this but western media ignore as Africans not taken seriously in science.

In 2006 I was relieved of duty from Nigerian Government after misunderstanding about where cash for national research had been spent. Misunderstanding was so severe that I decided to move back to land of the free Great Britain. I now live in London England and I am looking for work in science work. I have CVs available to request from empoyers. I am currently claim Job seeker allowance which I use to conduct home experiements on dogs I get for free from RSPCA. In Nigeria I always have to buy animal to experiment on. England give away free lab dogs for experiment - another reason why England is centre of scientific excellence and achievement.

In this blog here I will also be keeping world informed of progress on cloning apple, which is great ambition of mine. If I manage to clone apple, mammal could be next and maybe sometime human be cloned.

Thank you for reading.
Best wishes for coming years